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Welcome to Suba Techniek

Looking for a plastic part that is not available as standard? From nuts to large industrial parts: we make it. We will saw, turn and mill your part to size. We do this with the best professionals and machines.

Who we are What we do

Plastic machining



We turn small and large plastic parts. Whatever you want, with a design in your pocket, we get to work for you.

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Our milling department works with robot support. So we work precisely, carefully and in areas of up to 3000 x 1500 mm.

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We like to make sure you can get on with your production. That's why we also supply raw material. Do you need a specific size? Then we will saw the material to size in our sawmill.

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About us

We love plastic and work with the best materials to create beautiful finished products. In fact, some plastic parts are not available as standard.

How we work

Everything under one roof

We have everything we need to deliver functional products. From prototyping to mass production, we turn your design into a tangible result.

We produce 24/7

We work quickly, flexibly and like to think along with you. Thanks to our qualified staff and partly robotised machinery, we produce day and night. So we make sure your machines keep running.

Small and large series

Need one more sprocket? No problem. Do you need 100,000 (or more!) gears with specific dimensions? Even then we are at your service.

Our specialists think along with you

Contact us

Address: Industrieweg 69
1525 RD Westknollendam

Phone: 075 750 38 81